Montauk Century

Last weekend we went to Montauk with some friends.  Moses rode his bicycle and the rest of us rented a Zipcar and met him (close) to the finish line.

Despite having lived here once before, I realize I only once ventured out of the city (by way of anything except an airplane headed for either San Francisco or Missouri) the entire time, save for one weekend jaunt to Martha’s Vineyard to meet my mother.  This time around we’ve been to the Hampton’s twice and we’re planning a trip to Philly soon, too.  I’m not sure what the difference is these days, except that space seems more important to me now.  I can only assume that’s a product of California living.  However, it does remind me of my year in France.  Having come straight from Missouri, I often found myself a grumpy, stressed-out mess until I could take a trip OUT of the tall (beautiful) buildings and efficient system of trains.

While Moses rode, I spent a nice afternoon in the car with our friends Nate and Lisa, stopping at thrift shops and garden stores.


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