When We First Met

Moses trip to New York, when we first met at 24.

I had my first meeting to design my wedding dress (with my friend Annie, who’s in a design program at Parsons!) and we’re narrowing down what day in January…so in light getting things a little more “official” I’ve decided to do an homage to when Moses and I first met.  We once had these photos printed out in an album, but sadly, it looks like it was lost forever in our most recent move to Brooklyn.  Fortunately, I found these recovered pictures!  So here we are through the years.

In Bryant Park, watching Steve McQueen on a blanket.

Braving a summer rainstorm to meet Joan Didion in Central Park.  Everything looks so lovely in photos.  I remember this day being trying…

Los Angeles Us, in 2007.

We totally grew up together!  It’s such an amusing concept, since I know I did quite a lot of “growing” up before I met him, too.

And, don’t worry!  I have LOTS of other fun old photos to add soon!

Quickie Mart in Santa Monica.  I remember thinking this was basically Long Beach…since I had no concept of LA yet.


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