Williamsburg Revisited

For me, Williamsburg is nostalgia-ville.  Once upon a time I lived in Green Point, Brooklyn and wrote for Scholastic’s kid magazines.  I took the Bedford L to work each day and said I’d leave Williamsburg/Green Point by 25 if not before, because it was gauche to be in Williamsburg past 25.  I was always interested in Green Point because it was mentioned in the movie “A Perfect Murder,” (which is a remake of Hitchcock’s “Dail M for Murder”) which I watched a lot as a kid and looked very artsy and industrial.  My apartment was none of those things, but it was cool, roomy and very girlie.  We had two floral loveseats and rose and coral-colored walls with a poster for the movie Pollyanna (which belonged to Sus and now lives on her walls in Forte Green).

I liked to eat at St. Helen’s (which I guess is now called cafe 1980…weird) for brunch and got coffee at Sound Fix and bought records there, too.

I spent weekends teaching myself to bake, watching all 5 seasons of Alias, going on runs to Queens (and while I’m sure I listened to a lot of things my mind is set on Nada Surf) and going to the farmer’s market.  I road a Schwinn single speed and was a yoga junkie at The GreenHouse, and brewed very strong, very dark espresso with a Turkish press on the stove.

Last week I rode my bicycle to Williamsburg and had a walk around the old neighborhood for a trip down memory lane…with a couple new fun finds.

I like that Ringo is being supported by all the other Beatles.  This seems true to life.

In homage to Henry, my little “step” doggie who kept mean little Viv on her cat toes for a week–a wall of King Charles.

Cool lights

And inspirational table settings (I’m always on the lookout for wedding ideas now).

Raw chocolate and hand-made stroopwafels (a Moses favorite, although he says he likes the less artisan variety sold all over a little better.  These were very cinnamon flavored) at Bedford Cheese Shop (well, bought at Bedford Cheese–photographed on my kitchen table, right before we ate them)–always a delicious trip.  I found chocolate chevre here when I first lived in New York, and while I couldn’t eat it on a daily basis, it makes for a rad dessert for non-sweet-tooth-oriented types.

My new beaded summer shoes in the sunshine while I was slathering on sunscreen to avoid my daily burn.

Devin’s rooftop view amidst grapefruit champagne spritzers.  Perfect spring day.

Oh Williamsburg…how did I ever grow up and leave you behind?


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