Pretty things.

(Design Boom–china installation on Great Jones)

I spent the weekend divided between design week coverage for Core77 and going to Montauk with friends to see Moses finish a century on his bike.  Today’s rainy and I’m tired, so I’ve decided today will be a compilation of pictures I’ve been saving to do…something with.

Separelli cake platters made from vintage plates and antique glassware as stems.  Featured at Design Boom.  Lovely.  The designer makes all plates at her studio/home in Vermont, a converted school house.  I wish I was there to watch the rain from a cozy cottage.

Borrowed from Stylerookie.  Pretty picture I’ve been admiring.

Anthropologie “Dipper” necklace.  I’ve wanted this forever…and it’s affordable.  I have no idea why I haven’t just bought it.

Catbird pocket watch perfume solid and Natural History blank book.

Naturally, there are tons of other things I want, too–some nice wine, lipstick I saw today…maybe I’ll make a polyvore collage.  I haven’t done that in ages.

Until tomorrow…


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