Lunch and Dinner

While our neighborhood certainly isn’t without it’s nice grocery and eateries it leaves something to be desired.  It always seems we’re collecting necessities from multiple spots while we’re out and I’m always without one fundamental thing.  We usually stick to a grocery store across the street for most staples, while a health food spot in Clinton Hill is reserved for organic produce and specialty veggie stuff.  Our favorite, of course, for things we don’t ever “need” but always want, is the Brooklyn Larder on Flatbush.

The “provisions” aspect of Franny’s (also on Flatbush–I haven’t been yet!), it’s our Brooklyn version of Food in L.A., which is run by a friend’s mother (and where I learned to bake professionally!).  Both have the same bread, cold goodies for take-away, gourmet beer, pastas, etc.  But Food also has a full-on restaurant going (personal favorite being brunch), and the Brooklyn Larder is more sandwiches and sides).   The Larder also has the most fabulous cheeses, including my absolute favorite, Moses’ Sleeper, by Jasper Hill Farms (creamy but still firm–perfect).

To celebrate my week free from classes we had a lovely lunch “in” with Brooklyn Larder’s tortilla potato “cake,” with spicy mayo, spring greens and rice, plus a summery lemon bar on a butter crust and a ginger Hatachino!  Yum.

To make up for a rather large scale lunch we kept dinner on the healthy-side.  I modified my traditional salsa verde recipe to thicken it up and made what turned out to be a totally delicious vegan dish with a salad.

Totally easy: brown rice topped with sauce–four tomatillos, a head of cilantro, one serrano pepper and a little onion processed and warmed up with half a can of coconut milk.  Topped with seared tempeh and served with a kale salad and avocado mash.  Perfect.

And today I’m off to cover some design week stuff for Core77, hopefully I’ll have lots of interesting things to share on Monday!


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