Prima Vera.

This year for mother’s day we sent both of our mothers half a dozen New York bagels from Bergen Bagel, our favorite spot in the area.  Not being much of a bagel person myself (I like them, I just don’t freak out for them like the rest of the world seems to), I trusted Moses’ wisdom on this one.  Both moms seemed pleased (my “other mother” who lives across the street from my mother is originally from Long Island, so she was thrilled–perhaps more so than my bio-mom, who grew up all over, but relates best to Southern fan-fare in terms of cuisine).

But, while mother’s day is now a year away, let me know if anybody has any amazing ideas on a unique gift!  I like the idea, while we’re so far away from both our moms, to send something regional…

A few new things.  To celebrate spring we swapped out our winter table-top spread for an indoor garden.  Outdoor graden is coming soon!  I’ll have separate posts for the new window boxes Moses built and the transformation of our currently completely wasted outdoor space…that’ll be a weekend event for sure.

The Brooklyn Botanical Garden has a great gift shop with seeds, flowers and best of all, air plants!  Moses is a huge advocate of air plants, and this new one he got (the long skinny one on top of the branch) looks like a giant cut flower…and will apparently bloom, which is a new one for me.  I don’t entirely “trust” air plants.  They seem kind of alien-like with no roots and no need for water, but it did brighten up this little mobile we’ve got going hanging from our bed.

Our duvets went to be dry cleaned last week for my own personal “spring cleaning.”  I grew up with what my mother deemed long ago as “the Great Garbage Pick Up,” a day ironically, coinciding with Mother’s day, which allowed Missourians to throw away as much as they wanted, any size is accepted (I guess usually big things can’t be disposed of).  Anyway, this amazing event turned our narrow lane into a cache of wonderful new finds, and as a kid me and my best pal Mickey would ride our bikes up and down the street finding old stuffed animals, wedding veils and once, a magical perfume bottle still half-filled with what I now know was rotting perfume shaped like a lady in a hoop skirt in repose.  In short, as my poor mother frantically threw things away, I brought more and more junk in by the arm load.

But, in homage to this day, which I can no longer participate in, I did clean out my closet, dresser and launder the biggest, most expensive things in our home.  To replace our absent duvet, we’re using Moses’ “big blank,” a yellow thin blanket from CB2 that looks like an adult version of his childhood blankie.  It looks quite summery and reminds me a little of Bert and Ernie’s beds on Sesame Street.

We bought this mini-green house from Target.  I know…amazing.  We waited until it went on sale for 15 dollars after watching it start at 30 and deeming that way, way too much for something that would be left in clearance.

Our pal Lisa has been preaching the benefits of green juices and now we’re both on board.  I am amazed that while I have trouble actually eating broccoli, I can drink the juice with a little carrot juice with no problem.  I have to agree with Lisa–you feel good after drinking it and it’s a totally nice, non-full, in-between meal thing to keep you going through the day.  If you saw Lisa, you’d try anything she said, trust me…it works for her!

This is me and Kitty Viv kissing.  Well, it’s actually me kissing Kitty and her accepting that I do things like that to her on a daily if not hourly basis.  Kitty Viv is not, traditionally, a “kisser,” though she is affectionate.  She’s also in love with her new kitty toys, a gift from our friend Susannah for dog sitting.

And, I’m having a lot of fun figuring out the names of all the New York flowers and plants in my neighborhood.  Visiting the Botanical Gardens helps a lot, since the plants are named and they have this awesome “native plants” garden, which doesn’t seem as cool as it is since it basically looks like walking through the park, but for identification purposes, it rocks.  This is a bleeding heart.  I see them all over and I love them.


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