Sunday in the Park.

I spent most of mother’s day trying to call my mother to talk with her, but she is apparently SO in demand these days she didn’t call back until late that night.  While I was waiting for our mother-daughter time with baited breath, Moses and I decided to have a lovely day in the new, fabulous spring weather.

It’s so warm and sunlight saturated in Brooklyn these days, it’s hard to remember the terrible winter…

See, even our clothing is summer-oriented these days (kidding.  Moses wears white pants year-round.  Inès de la Fressange condones this choice, but she also says that velour pants for plane travel are okay, so I suppose she and I will agree to disagree on a few fashion points in her new book, “Parisian Chic: A Guide,” which I’m reading along with Joan Didion’s “Where I Was From,” which is all about living in California and growing up in Sacramento).

I grew up LOVING Frances Hodges Burnette–“The Secret Graden” being my favorite.  I spent hours in Sunday school dresses in the backyard pretending to be Mary Lenox, so the Brooklyn Botanical Garden presents a much better alternative.  It’s not nearly the stretch of the imagination to pretend to be Mary that it was when I was running around in our dog pen and behind our garage as a kid.

Flowers, next to books, are my favorite “things” in the world.  I never, ever, ever get tired of them.  It’s amazing to me they exist naturally, and, while the Botanical Garden isn’t as lovely as my California favorite, The Huntington Garden’s in Pasadena, it’s pretty rad.

And on a closing note, while I was sitting in the gardens, this exchange was going on.  Typically I shy away from shooting photos of strangers children, but they were far enough away I didn’t look too creepy, and just…their varying emotions were SO intense.


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