“Dr. Marvin, I’m SAILING! LOOK AT ME, I SAIL!”

For our New York friend’s Anthony and Daniel’s collective birthday’s, we sailed on the Hudson.  Having only done the Circle Line Cruise (twice, actually–once in winter, once in summer–summer is highly recommended;) and the Staten Island Ferry, this was absolutely the greatest of all boat experiences on the East Coast.  (I’ve had one West Coast Sailing adventure, so I’m hardly “seasoned,” but this one had beer!  And I’m old enough to drink it!  Last time I wasn’t).

Anyway, for 40 bucks a person you can get up to 3 beers.  Or, if you’re clever with a lovely smile like Moses (and without shame,) you can get 5–either way, the scenery was beautiful and I highly endorse the trip.  We went to the Statue of Liberty and back and about half way through the sail it got very windy and cloudy and the boat started to sail with a heavy lean, which became fun once our captain assured us this was perfectly normal.


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