Spring, Sprang, Sprung.

Cherry Blossoms

Amazingly, my memories from my first time living in New York don’t seem to include too many wintertime experiences.  I’m not sure what I was doing all winter long, but I must have stayed inside a lot, or was just so used to cold (having grown up in Missouri), that it didn’t matter?  Either way, this winter knocked the wind out of me and I can’t stop thinking about how every SINGLE day is better now, just because it’s warmer.


I walked from our neighborhood to Carroll Gardens/Boerum Hill last week to celebrate finishing a very long paper on the scandal behind the Kennedy Assassination.  Ready to rid myself of terrifying visuals, I took some spring photos to brighten up my day.

Boerum Hill
Cherry Blossoms again

In LA I learned to quickly pick small bits of flowers from “private collections.”  While that sounds like a jerk move, I’m very careful to take them from unobtrusive places (as an avid gardener myself, I would never take something singular like a rose or tulip—only bits from plentiful blooms like lilacs, dogwoods or wild flowers).

My Cache.


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