Carnations! You’re gonna love ’em in an instant.


It’s Spring.  Finally.  To celebrate I bought myself some new vases and filled them with carnations.  A total fresh-flowers junkie, carnations are my new fav for several reasons:

1.  Super cheap

2.  Way longer lifespan than most flowers

3.  You can eat ‘em.  See belowCream Cheese Frosted with Carnations

Carnation cupcakes!  For our friend Sean’s birthday I volunteered to make some cupcakes.  I have an aversion to typical frosting.  I like ganaches, but to use a pastry bag seems passe and over-the-top, and to use a simple knife never looks quite right to me, either.  So this time I researched some “edible” flowers, which is the most natural, gorgeous cake topper by far, and candied some carnations.  Spring cupcakes.

But, of course, no cupcake is complete with out good old-fashioned chocolate, chocolate, chocolate.Chocolate CupcakesSean's Birthday!!Southern-ish Fan-Fare

Sean’s birthday consisted of Southern style cooking at a place in williamsburg called Mabels, which had a totally awesome plate on the bathroom wall that doubled as a map for my home state, Missouri.  There’s something very comforting to know that the Missourian tweaks to places with otherwise worldly names.Birthday Boy!


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