Missouri Simplicity, Remember the 80s and Etam’s Uprising

Baby photos.  While working on a project for school yesterday I went through my box of unsorted things—photos, invitations, holiday cards and passports.  (I was looking for a few “kid” drawings) and had to work to bypass looking through my own baby pictures.

While most of them are in Missouri with my mom, I have a handful.  I love all the colors of old photographs, but I also love the simplicity in general.  I spent a lot of time outdoors and barefoot.  I also wore my brother’s hand-me-downs and looked like a little boy until I was about 8 and started having sleep-overs and picking up on little girl things via osmosis.

Other things I love today:

Oh remember Marky Mark before he became classy and Kate Moss before she grew her eyebrows in?  And those high-cut panties.  My word those look uncomfortably Jessie Spano-like.


And last but not least, the Cherry Blossom Girl, who I sometimes like, sometimes have reservations about her makeup choices; is the new face of Etam undergarments.  She totally looks great in her underpants.  Way to go Alix.

I love the French boudoir theme and flower patterns.  Might have to check out Etam online.  I bought a pair of wool pants there when I was in school in Paris.  They were dark purple, flat-fronted and very edgy, I thought, at the time.  Wonder where they are now…


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