Cats Reading and Cat’s Supervising.

Yoko Tanji

Art by Yoko Tanji

I’ve been working on a new children’s book.  Because I’m spending so much time at school (I’m getting my master’s in Library Science just in case somebody doesn’t know that), the information I’m taught on a daily basis is seeping in.  So, my book is turning out to be a mystery about a library with a 11 year-old girl as the heroine.  Louisa is looking for a librarian who’s gone missing from the New York Public Library…

Anyway, my friend Christine (of everythingblog) this to me yesterday and it reminded me of Louisa…and me and Kitty Viv, because we like to read together.

And while I get my story cogs going, here’s a few other fun things:

Best Tag Ever.

At dinner last night my friend Allison showed us a new/old baby dress someone had re-gifted her for her baby.  Unfortunately for this dress but fortunately for us all, Finn is a boy and probably won’t be wearing a dress (even an adorable one with a deer on the front…well, maybe just once to see what it looks like), but this is the awesome tag.  ”Cat supervised,” people.

Last but not least, sometimes Anthropologie sometimes frustrates me because of prices and/or one too many doo-dads; but I think they got swimsuits JUST right this time around.

(Borrowed from whowhatwear)

Now I’m going to enjoy the rain storm (Kitty Viv is hiding in the inner-most deep of our closet) and have some dinner.


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