Fast Forward.

The weekend goes so quickly, just like summer and spring and, quite frankly, everything but the winter this year.  When I was little I thought summer and school year were equal.  I suppose that says something about a child’s perspective on the passing of time.  

Summer was absolutely the greatest when I was a kid.  I went to bed when it was still light outside and would lay there listening to the older kids, my brother among them, play out in the field across from our house.  Since most of the older kids were boys, they played a lot of baseball.  

My mother likes to tell the story of how I got up once, (probably more than once) after she’d put me to bed and “walked” myself to the park.  A neighbor found me swinging in my nightgown alone with no shoes.  I got a spanking, another bath and put back to bed.  I was three.

But, while summer isn’t upon us just yet, it’s got to be close.  Saturday was jacket weather and we went on a nice, long run (to counter act the pasta from Friday night), and Saturday night we went dancing, which is really, really rare for us—but fun, nonetheless.  Sunday we did our usual Chelsea Market and Highline walk, but it was made even better because Nate and Lisa came and we stopped and had a beer at the Standard’s Beer Garden.

So, while it isn’t summer, we’re getting ready for it.  And once it’s here, I’m going to live in Prospect Park.  But, this time I’ll wear shoes.  I promise.

Vivi on a bench

Kitty Viv on the new/old bench we got (found) in our neighborhood streets.  The best kind of find.

The prettiest sunset.

Our first “summer-ish” sunset.  We stood out in the street after dinner taking photos.

Moses and Nate at the Standard Beer Garden.

Carrying our Sunday night groceries on the Highline.

 shoes with no socks!


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