Wedding Gowns Round 1

White Swan.My favorite.

Wedding Dresses.  This is going to be tough.  Moses asked me to post all the images I liked together for him, so this post will serve that purpose, since I’m doubting anybody will be super interested.

On a side note, Moses wants to register at REI, the sports store.  Hopefully only Moses’ friends will do that, because I’d rather have money or things for the house.  Camping equipment takes a backseat to towels.

1.  A simple number from JCrew, which if I gave a wedding much thought as a kid (it as all about being married instead and never the actual event, which is proving to make things quite difficult now) would be the dress I’d have chosen.  My mother’s wedding dress was a very 1960’s number that seemed silly when looked at photos and I vowed I’d do something very simple.

2.  One of my favorite long-time fashion blogs featured her wedding dress, a gown she designed and had LMH Bridal make for her.  I think it captures my inner ballerina…And Moses took one look and said “too white swan.”

3.  My favorite is the last—from Anthropologie’s new wedding site BHLDN, and ringing in at a price that was more than my first car.  But, while I could take or leave the butterflies, it’s the actual fit of the dress and the fabric.  It seems special enough to get married in without being insanely embellished, which can happen with Anthro sometimes.


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