This weekend…

It’s been a not-so-great week.  It’s been gray since last Saturday, my phone was stolen and I spent yesterday steaming clothing from 9 to 6 and followed it up with a meeting about a final project at school.

To compensate, I want to have a very relaxing weekend of nothingness.  Here are some things I intend to do:

1.  Make one of the baked pasta dishes from last month’s Gourmet.

2.  Take a lovely bath (preferably in the woods, but since that’s probably not possible, the bathroom will do).  (Borrowed from a piece I did for Inhabitat a few months back.)

Rachel Bending outdoor bath

3.  Paint my finger nails with one of these: (Which Susannah noted are easy to work with because the brush is very small, and they also dry fast and have nice product design).


4.  Spend some time catching up with kitties.

Stevens and Viv in LA.

5.  Spend some time with this guy and see if I can make him smile.  He’s very discouraged by the gray.

6.  Read all about The “Castle on Bunker Hill”(photo and site courtesy of The Los Angeles Library Photo Archives—you didn’t think I wouldn’t  credit them, did you?! And through my hyperlink above), because I love old houses and Los Angeles.  What could be better?

325 S. Bunker Hill 


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