Sunshine Daisy

This is Kitty Viv chilling in our patio in Silver Lake.  To be precise, she is relaxing in the flower beds, which, other than peeing in them, was her most favorite thing to do in flower beds.

We’ve noticed that since we moved Vivs has become a bit crazy about the sunshine.  She has a sunshine sickness, stemming from sunshine depletion.  Keep in mind, Kitty Viv is a California girl (cat).  I’m not sure she remembers that because I’m not sure how long her memory is, but she bites anyone that tries to steal her sunshine.  She also thinks you’re trying to steal her sunshine if you sit anywhere near her while she’s sunbathing.

I often wonder if the changes in sunshine effect Kitty’s vitamin D intake the way it does ours.  My pal Lisa was saying that’s the most usual cause for people to complain of feeling “blah,” a vitamin D drop, which comes from sunshine.  Makes sense to me.


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