Braids and things.

Los Angeles.  Summer.

I’m posting a photo of me being warm and getting ready to take a walk to Intelligencia in Silver Lake in hommage to the totally crummy day I had in cold, rainy New York yesterday!  On my way to my 3.30 class I was sitting on the 2 train heading to 14th Street.  When the doors opened at Grand Army Plaza the kid sitting across from me got up normally, to exit the train.  But, there was one super catch: JUST before walking out the door he grabbed my iPhone and proceeded to sprint across the platform and up the stairs.

I was so shocked I made a little yelp, then stood up to access whether I could possibly catch him (nope).  And then, for lack of knowing what else to do and be certain only that I had a very expensive 3.30 graduate school class, I sat back down and cried the rest of the way to class.  Yup.  That’s right, I cried—not because I was sad or anything, but mad.  So mad.

I really like kids.  I came to school with the intention of being a kid’s librarian and that books can make everyone better, more established people.  Idealistic, yes, but either way, I sat on that train just hating the kid (who wasn’t more than 15), that stole my iPhone.  The iPhone poor, graduate student me who has to decide between eating out or paying bills, paid for.

The story did get worse (Amex coverage, which is so boasted about when you GET a card, only insures purchases for 90 days…because nobody steals something that’s 90 days old, right? and I spent the entire evening at two different police stations reporting the crime two different times…) but now it’s over and life will go on.  It will.  But I can’t help but feel like everything was easier in LA.  At the very least I never got robbed there, but tons of other rotten things did happen.  Knee Jerk reaction.


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