Our friends went out of town and we stopped by to visit on their boys.  Cooper and Rozzy, Moses and I decided, are much more prone to accost you than Vivienne.  I love how responsive they are.  Sphinx cats are just so BIG!  They’re seriously twice the size of our cat, and just dense.  Even their claws are thicker.

Every time we mention we’re going to see hairless cats someone cringes, and I have to say I really don’t share the sentiment.  Moses has totally come around—he adores them, but I know the idea of hairless did originally affect him—he just thought it was a strange concept, a pet with no hair.

Luckily for me, a cat is a cat.  Even though I think Cooper and Roz are a little dog-like in their dispositions (which I also love!) because they’re so forward (Vivi makes you play come-hither, just a little and sniffs you, etc.  Coop and Roz sniff you while they’re sitting on you).  Fun weekend with little cat-piggies (their pretty pink skin is soooo soft).


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