Nutella Cream, Blood Orange, Cinnamon Sugar, Glaze, Toasted Coconut and Lemon Poppyseed.  

These are the most delicious donuts I’ve ever had.  Not typically a donut kinda-gal, I was amazed to visit Dough in Fort Greene with some friends a while back and come out a bit of a fiend.  The Lemon Poppyseed Moses and I split was to-die-for: light, fluffy, with the taste of pound cake, yet some how without density.  Dough’s also got the sweet but not too sweet ratio down to a science.

On the not-so-great end, for our second trip back this past weekend, there was a line out the door.  Good for them, bummer for us.  Here’s why—the donuts were sold as quickly as they could bring them out, which left us with soggy puddlesome and slightly too greasy tasting treats rather than the airy, cloud-like breakfast delights I remembered.  In true NYC-fashion, the line and the fast-moving people buying more donuts than they could carry put a bit of a damper on the euphoria that is Saturday breakfast, too.  I hate lines—being in them or “on them” as New Yorker’s seem to prefer; really stinks.


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