Le Weekend.  We had a Saturday night out!  We went to the UCB Theater, which we used to do regularly in LA, and then met Susannah at Supper in East Village for wine and dinner.  Sadly, the comedy wasn’t any where as good as the random free shows in LA, and it cost 10 bucks a pop.  You also can’t bring beer or wine in with you, but have to buy it from their cash only bar.  In true NYC-style, there’s no ATM.  I cannot figure out why there are no ATMs in places and they’re all cash only.  I should know better by now…

Because the weather is getting warmer (slowly but surely and JUST in time), we walked from the theater in Chelsea to the restaurant downtown (in heels!  Go me), and had a bottle of wine and some lovely pasta in a very cozy restaurant with some of most yummy bread and beans for appetizers I’ve ever had (in the process of learning how to duplicate the white beans and olive oil ensemble).

Here’s Sus smelling her food (hence the waving hand).


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