The Hamptons.

For our engagement we went to Montauk and stayed at the Montauk Yacht Club.  We swam, drank some wine and ate (skate, scallops, keylime pie with a buttery crust and banana’s Foster, with a few additions, respectively).

Moses had originally arranged the trip for the Monday night following his proposal, but his job interview was changed to early Tuesday morning (and in Ohio), so we postponed until that Friday.  

Turns out trains to Montauk in the off season are not terribly frequent, which was a bit irritating, but we finally got on and enjoyed the ride with a few beers.  The ride itself was amazing.  At one point when we were near the last stop a woman sitting near us started to frantically wave out the window at her husband and son, who were standing on the beach front deck of their cottage—the train runs about 25 feet to the shore.

On Saturday morning we got a ride in to town (the hotel provides them hourly), and hung out on the beach and had lunch.  Moses finally got a lobster roll (he’s been wanting one for ages), and I had the best grilled cheese I’ve ever had—I’m sure it’s all that salty air improving the taste.

For our trip back home we arrived at the station only to find there’s no ticket window, you have to buy them onboard.  Unfortunately, they only take cash, which we didn’t have, and there’s no atm at the train station.  Moses ended up with a cab to get cash and narrowly avoided missing the train.  Stressful, but then we drank the last of a bottle of Lincort Wine (from Santa Ynez) and watched the coast.  

I love the colors of the Hamptons.  I’m a huge John Irving fan, and one of my favorite books is “Widow for a Year,” which takes place in Sagaponek, which I guess is in/near Bridge Hampton (the first half was made into a movie, “The Door in the Floor,” which is on Netflix and you should watch it).  My actual experience there exceeded all expectations.  I thought nothing would be better than California beaches, but they equally amazing, just completely different.


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