More beautiful braids

I was inspired by this post on “it braids.”  I’m glad braids are back.  Though not overtly crafty (about half of my intended DIY projects are failures, so I tend to keep those under wraps), I’m pretty good at self-braids.  It’s one of my mother’s favorite stories: I came home from school and informed her all the other little girls had mother’s who could braid their hair and that she left something to be desired (i.e.: home cooked meals, sewn on girl scout badges—mine were hot glued at best, which doesn’t work).  She told me “tough,” and that if I wanted a good braid I better get crackin’.  I spent hours in the bathroom crying in frustration and stomping my feet, trying to braid my own hair until my arms went numb.  Eventually I learned by hanging my head over the side of the bed.  Now I can forgo this method and stay standing up.  


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