Swimming bar.

The Grace Hotel in midtown has a swim up bar.  My friend Christy blogged about it and I was totally enthralled with the idea, mostly for Moses, who would be in a pool at all times if such a thing were possible.  In fact, some of Moses amazing pool antics can be seen here and another personal favorite here.

The Times gave it six out of ten stars, and several people complained about the cover, but I think 10 dollars is totally reasonable for sauna and spa stuff plus pool.  However, All the photos I’ve opted to show are the pool empty, which would be how I’d like it.  I get weird with too many people in swim suits touching me—especially if they’re drunk, which is why I have mixed feelings about the Ace in Palm Springs and their pool and why I flat out loathe the Standard’s rooftop pool in downtown LA (and all it’s totally creep weird smells and water “cabana beds” for doing whatever wasted people at the Standard do in the privacy of a canopy bed…

But, none of these other bars boast a SWIM up bar.  Now that, is genius.

Either way, I gotta give it a try.  


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