Would you like to marry me? And would you like to provide the ring?

Guess what?  Moses and I are getting married!  We’re not completely certain of a date or the details (though we’re thinking winter/spring next year and California), but it WILL be in the near future.  

Funny how you can spend all this time wanting to be proposed to and never get past that point.  Meaning, I  never gave a second to wedding thoughts—but for someone who’s quite fond of flowers and dresses, I’m pretty pumped now.  If only I had money to go with my aspirations.  

Anyway.  The story goes like this:  Moses got back from Mexico late Sunday night (March 13th).  While he was away he had a phone interview for Victoria’s Secret to do store design.  On Monday early he got word his interview (the second of 7 in OHIO for a job in NYC!) would be that Friday.  While we were having a relaxing lunch of beer and pizza in East Village his phone rang.  The interview was changed to TUESDAY—the next day.  He’d fly out at six am that morning.

In a panic we went suit shopping and raced to get his portfolio ready, but he kept insisting he wanted to go to Trinity Church in lower Manhattan, just to see it.  Frazzled, I thought nothing of it…and there’s a Chipotle near by, so I assumed we’d get dinner there…

Instead we got to the church.  I walked around taking photos for my mother, and then realized he’d sat down…


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