New baby

This is baby Finn.  Even though he only just got being born and having his belly button heal under his belt, he is already and avid blogger.  He’s also one of the cutest babies I’ve ever seen—and I’m not just saying that.  He’s blond and blue-eyed and some how incredibly handsome in a James Bond kinda way, even as a baby.

We were invited to visit him and his mama last week at their charming pad in Carroll Gardens, along with Penny and Mia, Baby Finn’s older siblings.  We watched “Over Board,” drank wine (only a little for Allison, a lot for me and Moses) and watched Finn make adorable gestures with his hilarious hands.  Next time we’re hoping to catch Finn’s daddy, too, so we can see the whole family.


New York Living’s not-so-easy

Moses started his new job this week for Limited Brands, which is Victoria’s Secret and a bunch of others.  His new early morning schedule has inspired me to get up and make a nice breakfast.  Usually we just do coffee (for me.  I’m really liking Mud’s Mudtruck Blend) and tea with an egg and toast made from Amy’s (our new favorite) Rosemary Loaf, but we’ve had a few wild cards—greek yogurt with honey and mellon and pancakes!  (Go me).

When I worked as a baker I used a recipe for buttermilk pancakes, which was yummy, but time consuming (the yolks and whites had to be divided, which is a pretty nasty endeavor early in the morning).  Instead I’ve opted for this much easier recipe from Martha, which I think is equally good with a fraction of the prep time.  Really good with banana and agave.