I’m sure I’ve mentioned I don’t care for lunch, but breakfast is another story entirely.  My only trouble is, eating in general is an act I’ll forgo if the timing and ambiance aren’t right.  I’ve never been a person who snacks and I’ve never understood eating while walking (unless it’s an apple or banana), and I don’t like having to stand or worrying about out witting someone else for a table.  If given a choice between “wait” or “eat at the bar,” I’ll happily comply with either—but if I have to stake out a table and wait until someone leaves or appears to be leaving, it ruins the meal, to say the least.

Usually I prefer eating at home, only because I know I’ll like what a cook (or mess with it until I like it) and that I’ll be comfortable.  That’s not to say I don’t love a good meal out, but new places do throw me a little.  If you ask me where I want to eat, I usually choose a place I go to frequently (just like I clearly eat the same things over and over when left to my own devices) or defer to the person who asked me to go.  

It’s not lost on me that some of this behavior sounds a little…shut-in-ish—and that’s not far off.  I’ve never ordered take out or eaten at a restaurant alone.  I think the last time I ordered a pizza for myself was college (and what a good idea THAT was).

For breakfast I eat some form of bread and sometimes fruit.  If Moses is around I have eggs, because that’s what he wants and I’m not apposed, I just don’t eat them solo.  For dinner I eat salad with toasted nuts, some cheese and either raisons or avocado and some side (cous cous, toast with cheese or tomato soup).  I forgo lunch entirely except for an apple or a latte because I just don’t get lunch—unless you’re on vacation.  Otherwise it’s horribly rushed and what’s the point?

I’m sure research would tell me I picked up these habits from my family, but they eat lunch.  It’s a light lunch, but always soup or something.  I’ve no clue when or why I decided to omit the middle meal, but I guess it wasn’t doing me any favors.

And no, it has nothing to do with calories, because trust me, what I don’t eat for lunch I absolutely compensate for by eating an enormous dinner.  Dieting tips always tell you to eat small late, but that’s one rule I won’t ever be bothering with.  I change my mind on a lot of things, but my meal schedules don’t seem to deviate unless my routine is heavily influenced by another—so breakfast and dinner are in—and lunch, you’re out.


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