Oh Christmas Tree.

It’s been very, very cold in New York this week.  In San Francisco, when asked how I liked it, my general response was “I’m not a huge fan of the weather, but it’s beautiful.”  I don’t embellish when I say at the very least nine times out of ten (and I was asked this question weekly) the response was, “Well, you know what Mark Twain said, “The coldest winter I’ve ever known was a summer in San Francisco.”  I don’t think that many people, for the most part, have even read Twain (and I’m from Tom Sawyer-land, here)—It must be a standard quote from Bartlett. 

Either way, since moving to New York, a similar exchange has taken place, though admittedly, far less irritating because there’s some variation (ie: it’s not a QUOTE). 

New Person:  “Oh, you’ve just moved from LA!  GREAT time to move here!”

Me:  “Oh, well school starts for me in January, so we wanted to get settled, but it is cold for us.  My boyfriend is from Southern California, so this is a tricky transition.

New Person:  “But it’s not even COLD yet!”

As a general rule of thumb, when you happen to meet someone who says they’ve just moved from LA (or any other warm place), for their piece of mind, don’t try to freak them out even MORE by reminding them that 40 degrees in late November isn’t even cold and that by the 2nd week in December, 30 is more like it.

Today I am wearing: tights under leggings, wool knee socks, a long sleeve tunic thing, a knee-length sweater and my standard enormous wool plaid coat I bought before I left NYC the first time.  I also have a huge scarf and a pair of gloves I reconstructed by sewing buttons on them and cutting out the thumbs (because you have to actually TAKE your glove off to have your iPhone recognize the touch, so I just decided to buy some cheap ones and cut it).

And, because it’s dark and jarringly cold when I get home from my super awesome temp job du jour, I’ve become crafty in my efforts to avoid leaving home once I return to it.  This week my project was the Christmas tree, which we bought on Flatbush Avenue earlier this week.  In the spirit of Charlie Brown, it’s an alternative tree, tall and thin and therefore a cheaper choice. 

My goal was to not spend over five dollars PER any item on the tree.  Decorations include: cranberry garlands strung on thread (time consuming, but pretty); a few bracelets, necklaces and other costume jewelry pieces that looked the part (this includes some chains I got to spice up my boots from H & M) as well as fabric and paper hearts and starts; dried flowers (Moses constructed our “star” from dried sprigs of narcissism); and some antique buttons on string.

We had more stars, but Kitty ate one.  Here are some Project Tree photos.  Finished product to come…so Pam/Jo can read it, because I think they’re the only people that read my blog (my mother would, but she gets it confused with Facebook and thinks she can’t figure out how to log in.)


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