"Good lord, Lemon, you look like a Mexican sports announcer."

The other night, at a get together, the hostess announced she was roasting chestnuts.  Under the impression I didn’t like roasted chestnuts (roasted, turns out, is quite different then pre-packaged—Mandy Ma), I was stunned to realize I was totally WRONG.  They’re DELICIOUS and taste a lot like Chex Cereal.

Deciding this was the holiday spirit or some of those subtle adult-like changes that happen gradually, I am on a quest to re-visit things I’d previously decided…sucked or were grossly over-rated.

So on Tuesday afternoon I ventured to Rockefeller Plaza, ie: 30 Rock, to check out the tree, skaters and chaotic clusters of tourists who do that awful thing where you try to go one way, and they do, too, and then try to go the other, and they do too—until it’s just super awkward and irritating.

It was far less awful than I remembered, and I actually enjoyed the sort of…en masse Christmas vibe (If you know me well, you’ll know I usually loathe anything “in masse”). 

Most people are into 30 Rock, and I’m no exception, though I must say, my ultimate interest and photographic endeavor while visiting was to capture the Rockefeller Plaza of The Alan Brady Show.  4th floor equals Rob, Sally and Buddy’s writers lair, and because Dick Van Dyke is my favorite television show in the world and I like to just…think about it when I’m not in the best mood, I decided I’d try to make it look more Petry than Lemon.


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